Logos would like to thank Duke Manufacturing for the new kitchen


If you would like to meet this lovable little puppy you will need to attend The 45th Sapphire Anniversary Gala October 3rd in The Grand Ballroom at Union Station

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Logos would like to thank Variety Children’s Charity for their ongoing support

2015 Variety Logo

Logos 45th Anniversary Gala October 3rd


Logos Radio Commercial


Listen to Lauren’s radio spot below

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St. Louis Give Day – May 5

Thank you to all our Logos’ supporters for rallying on May 5, 2015. We raised $8,700 for giveSTLday. We are so grateful to those who donated or spread the word to help our cause.


Open House for Prospective Parents


Guest Speaker: An Evening of Hope


On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, Logos School will be hosting a FREE event.  Helene Messina-Timpone, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will be presenting An Evening of Hope: Creating the Right Environment to Heal the Hurt Child.

Helene is internationally noted not only for her work with preteen and teen girls, but also in the areas of attachment, grief and trauma.  She has redesigned the way families receive treatment and the support they need for success.

Throughout this evening, you will have the opportunity to gain empowering insight and tools:

  • On understanding the neuroscience behind rewiring the child’s brain to reduce and remove ineffective and hurtful patterns.
  • Use this understanding to create new ways in working with a traumatized child and obtain a minimum of 5 strategies.
  • Understand how we as caretakers can become hooked and personalize a child’s behavior.

Helene brings her knowledge, experience and expertise to this two hour session to help us better understand the science and behaviors behind childhood and adolescent trauma.

Please join us on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 from 6:00-8:00pm for this free event at Logos School in the gym.  All are welcome.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Michelle Perotta, MSW, LMSW at (314) 997-7002 ext. 113 or mperotta@logosschool.org

We look forward to sharing in An Evening of Hope with you.

Chairman of the Board, George Paz, Wins Award!

Chairman of thGeorge paze Logos Board and CEO of Express Script, George Paz, has been honored with the Champion Health Award from Rx Outreach. Rx Outreach has saved patients more than $220 million dollars in prescriptions.  This organization originally was a part of Express Scripts.  But through many conversations, George and others realized that the success and mission would fully be reached if this organization broke away and became its own entity.  Now, Express Scripts is able support it in the way that George Paz supports Logos School.

George is a proud supporter of Logos School.  He believes that every student deserves the opportunity to become a responsible citizen and a positive contributing member of society.  Through his experience as Chairman of the Logos Board, he has had the opportunity to witness students be unsuccessful at other educational institutions and come to Logos and thrive.  Thrive because of the necessary and heavy lifting to ensure that each child realizes that they have a bright future.

To the Logos community, George is an integral part of our foundation. He provides the staff with encouragement, leadership, knowledge and inspiration. He demonstrates that if there is a will there is a way.  Just like in his mission to cut costs for community members in prescriptions with RX Outreach, he has done similar things for Logos.   Logos School could not be more proud of George Paz’s continued efforts to help individuals in the St. Louis community.

Logos School is so proud of all of your accomplishments within the community and everything you do to support Logos.  We are honored to have as the leader of our Board and wish you continued to success!




TODAY IS STLGIVE DAY, but only for 24 hours!!!  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THE STUDENTS AT LOGOS SCHOOL.   Support Logos School by making a donation, it is simple and easy!! Go to the following website: https://givestlday.org/ and type in “Logos School” for the organization.

st. louis give day

Today all across St. Louis hundreds of thousands of community members are coming together to support local non-profit organizations.  These small acts will made a difference in the lives of the Logos Students and for that we are grateful!