DBT Skill of the Week

DBT Skill of the week


When What You Are Doing Isn't Working

Last week's DBT Skill 

Guidelines for Relationship Effectiveness:

Keeping the Relationship "GIVE"- (Be)Gentle, (Act)Interested, Validate, (Use an)Easy manner

Guidelines for Self-Respect Effectiveness:

Keeping Respect for Yourself "FAST" - (Be)Fair, (No)Apologies, Stick to values, (Be)Truthful

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Guidelines for Objectives Effectiveness:  (Dear Man) 

Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce   (stay)Mindful, Appear Confident, Negotiate

Obtaining Objectives Skillfully:

Clarifying Priorities

Clarifying Goals in Interpersonal Situations:

Objectives Effectiveness: Getting what you want from another person

Relationship Effectiveness: Keeping and improving the relationship

Self-Respect Effectiveness: Keeping or improving Self-Respect

Factors in the Way of Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Myths in the Way of Interpersonal Effectiveness

Myths in the Way of Relationship and Self-Respect Effectiveness

Challenging Myths in the Way of Obtaining Objectives

Goals of Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Be Skillful in Getting What You Want and Need From Others

Build Relationships and End Destructive Ones

Walk the Middle Path

Know your goal and priority

Mindfulness of Current Emotions:

Letting Go of Emotional Suffering

Accumulating Positive Emotion in the Short Term (ER15)

Pleasant Events List (ER16)

Accumulating Positive Emotions in the Long Term (ER17)

Values and Priorities List (ER18)

Optional reading: Sleep Hygiene Protocol (ER20)





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