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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At LOGOS, we believe everyone is important and has equal value. This is the “LOGOS Way”. Our differences make us who we are, and valuing those differences strengthens our entire community. Our school has a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team that guides our policies and procedures. This team, made up of board members, current parents and LOGOS teachers, therapists and administrative staff, are all committed to fostering a vibrant and positive school culture. To achieve this culture, we believe students should have the free exercise of choice and an understanding and appreciation of gender differences and of social, ethnic and cultural diversity. This will help prepare our students for success here at LOGOS as well as in the community pre- and post-graduation. 

LOGOS School has adopted the definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from the National Association of Independent Schools.


The concept of diversity embraces the wide range of human characteristics used to mark or identify individual and group identities. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, race, national origin, age, personality, sexual orientation, gender, class, religion, ability, and linguistic preferences. Diversity is a term used as shorthand for visible and quantifiable statuses, but diversity of thought and ways of knowing, being, and doing are also understood as natural, valued, and desired states, the presence of which benefit organizations, workplaces, and society.


Equity exists as a condition that balances two dimensions: fairness and inclusion. As a function of fairness, equity implies ensuring that people have what they need to participate in school life and reach their full potential. Equitable treatment involves eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of all individuals.  As a function of inclusion, equity ensures that essential educational programs, services, activities, and technologies are accessible to all.  Equity is not equality; it is the expression of justice, ethics, multi-partiality, and the absence of discrimination.


Inclusiveness means encompassing all; taking every individual’s experience and identity into account and creating conditions where all feel accepted, safe, empowered, supported, and affirmed. An inclusive school or organization expands its sense of community to include all; cultivating belonging and giving all an equal voice. Inclusivity also promotes and enacts the sharing of power and recognition of interdependence, where authorizing individuals and community members share responsibility for expressing core values and maintaining respect for differences the spirit of care and cooperation.


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LOGOS' Non-discrimination Statement

LOGOS is committed to embracing diversity and to anti-discrimination practices regarding race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, age, socioeconomic status, physical disabilities and mental disorders.