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Joan Luby Bio

Speaker Joan Luby From Washinton University School of Medicine

Dr. Joan Luby is the Samuel and Mae S. Ludwig Professor of Psychiatry (Child) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  She is the founder and director of the Washington University School of Medicine Early Emotional Development Program (EEDP).  

Dr. Luby’s research has focused on the characterization of early childhood psychopathology, early behavioral and biological markers of risk, and associated alterations in brain and emotional development in early childhood. Her program of research has informed the influence of the psychosocial environment on brain development, sensitive periods for these effects and implications for risk and early intervention for mental disorders. Dr. Luby’s contributions include studies in humans showing the effect of parental nurturance and early experiences of poverty and adversity on brain development.  She has also developed and tested an early psychotherapeutic intervention for preschool depression, a modified form of which is now being tested in young children living in poverty.  

She is the recipient of the NARSAD Gerald Klearman award for outstanding research and the AACAP Irving Philips award for prevention and the Washington University School of Medicine Faculty Achievement Award.