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The LOGOS Magic

At LOGOS School, we reignite students’ enthusiasm for life and learning.

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LOGOS School is the region’s leading independent, therapeutic middle and high school with expert teachers and therapists dedicated to helping students find hope, healing and a promising future. 

The magic that inspires our unique program comes from a holistic and individualized approach, which combines unconditional support academically, emotionally and socially for each student in a structured but flexible environment. We strive to foster a vibrant and positive school culture where faculty engage every student to build trusting and meaningful relationships.

Providing a safe place for our students to learn is a priority that includes not only physical safety, but also a trauma-responsive framework that focuses on social-emotional learning.

Our entire staff works to meet students where they are and support their needs with compassion and acceptance. We go beyond simply accommodating students, and instead help them address underlying challenges so they can learn and practice the life skills necessary for success inside and outside the classroom.

LOGOS teachers and therapists collaborate along with our students’ families to develop individualized plans specific to each student’s time at LOGOS. These plans combine the academics and life skills they need to meet or exceed their aspirations for the future. Our goal is to ensure that their academic success and therapeutic growth is strong, allowing them to go on to greater success when they leave us.

At LOGOS, we know every student deserves the chance to fulfill their own hopes and dreams for a successful future.

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"LOGOS Staff members are amazing with the kids. They're accepting, they are willing to hear them out and they work with each and every student to help them be their best."

~ Claudia, LOGOS Parent

Smiling happy LOGOS Student

"LOGOS has made me comfortable with myself. I don't have to pretend like I'm someone I'm not. I'm just me!"

~Marcel, LOGOS Student