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Tuition & Affording LOGOS

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2022-2023 LOGOS School Tuition: $34,145*

*Tuition without variable tuition plan or financial aid

Our tuition includes not only the educational aspects of our program, but also provides each student with a dedicated, licensed therapist who provides at least one hour of individual therapy a week and is available to both the student and their family throughout the week. Additionally, each week all students participate in two hours of group therapy.

LOGOS’ tuition also pays for:

  • A 6:1 student teacher ratio
  • An 11-month school year
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Our Student Support Center with Therapeutic Sensory Room
  • Field trip expenses
  • Athletic team expenses
  • Technology fees
  • Science lab fees
  • Art fees
Variable Tuition

At LOGOS, we partner with each family to determine tuition affordability based on their unique financial position. We recognize a private education is a significant financial investment and make every effort to use financial aid to bring tuition within the family's ability to pay.

If you are interested in learning more about affording LOGOS through our variable tuition plan, please contact Stephanie Kolker, Director of Admissions, to learn more about the admissions process.  Families are welcome to begin the FAST Process, and a variable tuition plan will be awarded once a student has been officially accepted to LOGOS.

Tuition Payment Plan

LOGOS partners with Smart Tuition for the processing and collection of our families’ tuition. 
Offered payment plans* with Smart Tuition:

  • One payment – August
  • Two payments – August & February
  • Six payments – each term
  • Twelve payments – monthly

*Tuition and payment plans are shortened for mid-year enrollments with the final payment due in July.

The partnership with Smart Tuition allows for a confidential portal where families can see for themselves a complete report of their tuition account. Details such as tuition billing and financial assistance will be posted to your account. A secure Log-in ID enables parents to view this information at any time of day, or to update personal information. Enrollment in the Smart Tuition management system is mandatory for each private-pay family. 

(Click image below to be directed to the Blackbaud Smart Tuition website.)

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Please note, the process of enrollment / re-enrollment occurs each year.

After your student has been accepted to LOGOS, you will receive instructions to establish your Blackbaud Smart Tuition account.  If you have any questions, please contact JoAnne Cronan at email: or call 314.997.7002, ext. 107.

FAST Financial Aid

LOGOS uses FAST financial aid to obtain an objective view of each family's financial position. If you would like to pursue a variable tuition plan, please begin by filling out the common application on the FAST website.

Click on the FAST logo below to be directed to the application.

Fast Financial Aid Logo

FAST Family User’s Manual

FAST Program-List of questions

New! MOST 529 Plan

MOST 529 Plan is another option to invest in a private education for your child.  A MOST 529 tuition savings plan is an investment account sponsored by the State of Missouri. Up to $16,000 ($8,000 single filer) in contributions is deductible from Missouri taxes every year, and the investments grow tax-free. Starting in January 2018, the MOST 529 tuition savings program expanded to allow families to save and use funds in their accounts for K-12 expenses. In addition to expenses at colleges and vocational schools, up to $10,000 per calendar year in private K-12 tuition now qualifies as an eligible expense. This expansion is currently applicable to Missouri residents; it has not yet been implemented in Illinois.

The following message from Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt, further outlines the details of the expanded program and provides resources for families wishing to obtain additional information. If you would like to learn more about the MOST program, please visit

If you are considering using a 529 account to pay Logos School tuition, please contact Blackbaud Smart Tuition  or JoAnne Cronon for assistance.

We hope this guide will be invaluable to you as you plan your family’s finances.