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For Term 1 (August 24, 2020 – October 16, 2020) academic instruction at LOGOS School will be provided virtually. Our academic program includes ​synchronous learning Monday through Thursday and time for individual meetings, office hours, 1:1 help and enrichment opportunities on Friday. Synchronous learning takes place in real time with a group of students and their teacher via Zoom or Google. Online instruction will be a combination of small group instruction as well as individualized assignments and projects.

All students will be provided 5 hours and 40 minutes of daily instruction designed by their teachers. For high school students, each block will consist 30 minutes of teacher-led instruction will occur and the remaining 50 minutes of each block will be spent in activities such as, but not limited to, group discussions, supplemental videos, practice work, 1:1 help, etc. For middle school students, each class will consist of 20 minutes of teacher-led discussion with the remaining time available to students to complete their work.  

When students have completed their work or a class they may log off. The teacher will be available for the entire block to provide assistance and answer any questions.

To facilitate this remote learning, we will continue to make Samsung tablets and hotspots available to students who need these resources. Later this fall, we will transition to Chromebooks, and each LOGOS student will receive one. Other learning supplies and tools may also be provided to assist in student learning.

LOGOS' integrated student information system is Blackbaud, which has virtual learning capabilities built into it. All students and parents can login to Blackbaud to view assignments, daily expectations, online class bulletin boards, learning pages, teacher contact information and office hours. 

Class Schedules for Term 4:


First page of the PDF file: In-PersonTerm4ClassSchedule022621
Zoom Class Expectations:

Students are expected to log in to their Zoom session at the start of each class. If a student is unable to attend a Zoom session, parents should contact their child’s therapist via text or email as soon as possible to ensure their absence is reported as excused. All other absences will be reported as unexcused.

Students who miss a class should also schedule a 15-30 minute 1:1 appointment with the teacher by Friday of that week to ensure the missed class session can be made up and the student has an understanding of what was taught during that time.

Group/SEL Classes:

This time will be a combination of group therapy sessions and typical 7th hour elective classes that focus on social-emotional learning and study skills. These classes will also be used to promote socialization and peer support among classmates.

Virtual Therapy:

Individual Therapy

Students will receive 50 minutes of virtual individual therapy per week. Students can choose one of the following virtual platforms to engage with their therapist: Zoom, Facetime, Skype or Google Duo. Therapists will schedule time with students during the latter half of the instructional time as to not disrupt the first 30 minutes of teacher-led instructional time. Exceptions will be made if the student is struggling or in crisis.

Sessions will focus on IEP-related therapeutic goals such as behavior intervention plans and will work toward individualized treatment goals.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy sessions will be held twice a week during our Group/SEL class period. These sessions will be held using Zoom and will be focused on providing skill-related training, processing/resolving frustrations and providing social opportunities for students.

Virtual Communication with Parents:

Therapists will contact parents/guardians at least once per week to discuss overall progress in therapy and answer school-related questions. In the event of a crisis, therapeutic staff are available to support students outside of designated school hours. (Contact Behavioral Health Response at 1-800-811-4760  or 911 for imminent threat of self-harm or harm to others.)

Addressing Attendance issues, Academic Challenges or Clinical Emergencies:

LOGOS is committed to helping problem solve and plan for a student who is not engaging in virtual learning or therapy. LOGOS will offer individual meeting times in the building to help mitigate issues that arise.  To set up a 1:1 meeting, please contact your child’s assigned therapist.