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Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is critical to each child’s success. Parents and families need the tools and skills to support the work their child is doing at LOGOS. To keep lines of communication open and ensure families have the resources they need, our therapists engage parents on a weekly basis and are available throughout the week as necessary. Teachers also have individual contact with parents during parent-teacher conferences and as needed throughout the school year. 

Additionally, the LOGOS parent committee acts as a liaison between parents and administration, and each term we send out a parent newsletter with school updates, events and developments from that term.

Parent-Therapist Communication

To best serve our students, our therapists strive to create strong partnerships with parents through weekly contact to discuss the student’s progress, challenges and strategies to achieve goals. This collaboration with parents creates shared goals for students both at school and at home. Parents are encouraged to contact therapists whenever questions or concerns arise. Communication methods include meetings, phone calls, emails, and text messages. 

Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher conferences, where parents and teachers collaborate to make sure students are achieving their academic goals, are held three times a year. Teachers contact parents if the student is falling behind in class to help create continuity between school and home. Administrative staff also communicates with parents for IEPs, behavior intervention meetings, transitional services and to student-specific concerns. 

Parent-Child Meetings with Therapists

Our therapists can also help facilitate meetings between parents and their child on an as needed basis. These meetings help engage both parties to offer support needed for the child’s educational and emotional growth.

Parent Events

LOGOS holds several parent events during the school year, including: