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Alternative Methods of Instruction

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI)                                                                        


The decision to cancel school is taken very seriously and are used in exceptional or emergency circumstances which includes inclement weather, utility outages, and other emergencies. School closures for inclement weather are made for the safety of our students, staff, and families.

When possible, the decision to close school is made the night before; however, inclement weather is often unpredictable, and a decision may be made in the morning. Logos School works with our partnering districts to make these decisions by 5:00-5:30 AM. These decisions are sent out via Bright Arrow messages, broadcast on local news stations, and posted on social media.

If you feel conditions are unsafe and school is open, you have the option of not sending your student(s) to school. Please report the absence to the school and your student will receive an excused absence. Though they will not be penalized for their absence, they will be expected to make up all assignments.

What is an AMI Day?

Logos School has two traditional school days built into the school calendar each year that will be utilized first. These days do not have to be made up because the time is already built into the calendar. If we have to cancel school for more than these two days, Logos School will implement our AMI Plan as allowed by Legislation Section 171.033.RSMo.

Implementing an AMI day allows us to continue learning on inclement weather days. DESE allows for 36 hours of AMI, which is equivalent to six school days at Logos School, without having to make up any of the days. As Logos School is in session year-round our AMI plan allows us to continue education without taking further days off away from students.

On an AMI day, families will receive communication from Logos School specifying that Logos School will be following the AMI Plan. Teachers will post their assignments on our Learning Management System (Blackbaud) and have any critical information either posted on their class pages or sent out as a message. Students will be able to access their assignments online.

What are the expectations?

On an AMI day, students are expected to log into Blackbaud, access their lessons, and to complete and submit their assignments. Teachers are available to reach out to via Blackbuad and email as well as having office hours posted on their class pages that they can log into Zoom and access them directly for assistance. All of the resources students will need to complete the assignment will be accessible through Blackbaud.

The focus of an AMI day is to review and reinforce previously learned skills and extend learning from current lessons. Additional Special Education Specific Information for grades K-12 is referenced in this link here.

Student attendance will be determined based on:

  • Log of Blackbaud activity
  • Completion via paper or electronic submission of lessons and activities turned in on the day of AMI or within the next 5 days of attendance
  • Completion of individual therapy session as documented by the student’s therapist
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On an AMI day, what type of materials and assignments will Logos School use to effectively facilitate teaching and support learning for the benefit of students?

Electronic/Web-based, manipulatives, learning games, teacher created materials, textbooks, library/classroom library books, teacher handouts.

On AMI days, where do students go to get their assignments?

Students will log into the school Learning Management System, Blackbaud. Their assignments will be listed in their Assignments tab. If they need assistance finding an assignment they are encouraged to reach out to their classroom teacher.

How does an AMI day affect my students therapeutic progress at Logos?

During an AMI day, therapists will be working to do check-ins on students on their caseload for up to 30 minute sessions that day. They are still available for support throughout the day if the student needs it.

Logos School will utilize the following AMI experiences:

  • Independent practice and application of previously taught concepts and skills
  • Virtual instruction
  • Assigned reading, study, or activity to introduce new concepts
  • App or web-based software to teach or reinforce concepts
  • Time-management
  • Reinforcement of learning through games, family interaction, or structured experiences

What if my child doesn’t have their Chromebook or access to the internet at home?

All students at Logos are provided with a Chromebook. If this is left at school, isn’t accessible, or there isn’t access to the internet at home, families are encouraged to make plans with the school to make up this school day. Students can get work gathered ahead of time to have at home in case of an AMI day or can plan on making it up after returning to the building within 5 school days.

What if my child has an Individualized Education Plan?

Logos School assures that the instructional plan for AMI days for students with disabilities is documented in each individual students IEP according to the guidance developed by the Missouri DESE Office of Special Education. Individualized plans are developed as part of the IEP to meet each student’s individualized needs for school closures, but communication will be provided by the teacher to support during AMI days as related to students’ individual needs.

How will teachers, therapists, and other certified personnel be available to communicate with students on AMI days?

Email, Blackbaud, phone calls/text messaging

Why has Logos School decided to develop an AMI day plan?

As Logos School is in session year-round, our AMI plan allows us to continue education without taking further days off away from students. It allows learning to continue and students to still meet virtually with their therapist as scheduled without interruption from the routine of learning, therapeutics, and engagement.


Download AMI Day Plan Document