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Student Life

LOGOS values each student and strives to meet them where they are in their academic and therapeutic journey. To that end, we foster a vibrant and positive school culture where faculty and staff seek to engage every student.  

Our community norms were established to ensure that every student feels accepted, supported and valued for their uniqueness. 

Additionally, we provide clubs and activities that offer a balance of athletics, artistic expression, leadership and fun! Every term, students choose from electives are offered during 7th hour, providing a unique opportunity to learn about a topic that interests them. Recent 7th hour electives have included:

  • Botany 
  • Chess
  • Gardening 
  • 3D Printing
  • Current Events
  • Yearbook
  • Literature & Film
  • Technology Etiquette
  • Community Service
  • Mural painting
  • Board Games
LOGOS Therapeutic School Students in Math Class
LOGOS Alternative School Holiday Lunch with parents
LOGOS Alternative School Prom 2019
2019 LOGOS Therapeutic School Volleyball Team Celebrating Win
LOGOS Alternative School Field Trip
2019 Fall Festival Activities at LOGOS Alternative School
Students in LOGOS Therapeutic School Sensory Room
LOGOS Community Norms
  1. We assume positive intent.
  2. We understand that each person  is on a different step in their process. Everyone is on a journey.
  3. We are open and willing to grow.
  4. We see each day as a new day to teach and learn from one another.
  5. We are kind and compassionate to ourselves and others.
  6. We allow each other to have space to breathe, think and release.
  7. We honor confidentiality.
  8. We show respect. We use our words to uplift and not to tear down.