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Art has always been an important part of the program at LOGOS and a safe way for students to express themselves while building their confidence and self-esteem. 

Choice-Based Art

Our art classes utilize a choice-based art approach, which means students are introduced to a variety of techniques, materials, artists and subject matter but have the opportunity to explore what interests them. In a choice-based art classroom, students are the artists. They have ownership, make decisions, problem solve, collaborate and learn to persevere. Students are encouraged to create as a way of self-exploration and expression and are guided by our expert teachers. The result is that when you walk through our hallways you see a display of unique, meaningful art.   

LOGOS Alternative School Art Program
LOGOS Alternative School Art Class

LOGOS Mural Project

Our annual Mural Project has been in existence for more than 25 years and is an opportunity for LOGOS Students to give back to the community while using their creativity. This past year, Peter and Paul Community Services- Garfield Place Apartments, is a supportive housing program for men and women who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and who are either experiencing homelessness or facing the risk of homelessness. Other mural sites include Jubilee Ministries, Earth Dance Organic Farm School, Ride on St. Louis and United Cerebral Palsy Heartland. 

Once a mural site is selected students research the organization, make a list of questions, tour the site and interview the "client" to discover what kind of mural best fits their needs. Students create several sketches and finalize the design after approval from the organization. The mural program teaches students to give back, work with others, collaborate and meet deadlines. Students work hard all summer session painting the mural and, at the end, celebrate with a dedication ceremony. The mural program is challenging but very rewarding for all involved.

Art Murals

2023 Mural
Students and staff pose in front of 2023 mural
Students in front of mural
Students working on mural
mural of fish swimming around coral
2017 UPC Tree Art Mural painted by LOGOS Students
2016 Earth Dance LOGOS Art Mural
2015 Ride On St. Louis Art Mural painted by LOGOS students
LOGOS Lions Mural