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Group Therapy

New Student Group 

This group helps students become oriented with the group process as well as the policies of the school. The objective is to assist students in becoming acclimated to the “Logos Way” of education and therapy. 

We can also address any concerns new students may be having as they start their LOGOS journey.

Skills-Based Groups

Once Students have completed New Student Group, they will be assigned to one of the groups designed to deal with conflict, anger, and other issues that arise in the building, home and in the community. The objective is for students to learn how to handle those issues in a healthier and more constructive manner. The group topics may change from term-to-term. Recent topics have included interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, destress tolerance and mindfulness.

Leadership/Transition Groups

Students who have been successful in the skills-based groups will be chosen for leadership development. The objective is to prepare students to hold leadership positions in the school, mentor other students, prepare for life after LOGOS, and to develop a strong individual identity. Students will have a part in being ambassadors for new and prospective students, developing special projects and promoting a safe community for all students.