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2020 IMPACT Report

LOGOS School is pleased to present our 2020 Impact Report to the community.

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We are delighted to share the 2020 Impact Report with you, acknowledging your contributions to LOGOS School between September 1, 2019, and August 31, 2020.

As we began planning for this report, we invited the LOGOS faculty and staff to share words that they thought best described the past year as they related to the LOGOS mission and serving our students and families. Over and again, we heard words such as flexible, adaptable, committed, innovative, responsive, supportive, determined, compassionate, creative, consistent, unflappable – but the one word that really struck us was ‘reimagining.’

We have reimagined so many things over the past year —teaching, therapy, communication, our outreach, and how we honor all that happens at LOGOS. No one could have predicted how differently our faculty would teach, our therapists would counsel, and our students would learn and grow. But, we did it! This report demonstrates our resilience and shows how we were able to reimagine a school year that brought us together in so many ways. Thank you for your partnership as we reimagined LOGOS — we are grateful for your investments, whether they be through your time and talents and/or financially.

With gratitude,
The students, faculty, and staff of LOGOS School