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Alumni Spotlight: Marcel Parks

Life After LOGOS...His Future Looks Bright

When Marcel Parks graduated from LOGOS in July 2020, he was already well on his way to achieving one of his goals — homeownership. He had been working hard and saving to reach this goal and in November 2020 closed on his first house in St. Louis. We recently caught up with Marcel who shared that he is currently living in and rehabbing the house, with plans to flip or rent it through Airbnb once the renovations are complete. Building on his experience from this endeavor, he plans to continue diversifying his portfolio through other investments in the real estate market. He is also working at the Nike Factory Store and is developing and managing a successful eCommerce business. When asked about his entrepreneurial spirit and drive, Marcel offered the following advice, “Live below your means, don’t put yourself in too much debt that doesn’t pay you back, and have an end goal.” Congratulations to Marcel on all of these accomplishments!