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Give STL Day 2024

Every day is a new day that shines with opportunity and hope. 

In a world filled with challenges, our dedication lies in guiding each student through their unique journey, nurturing their potential, and instilling the confidence to conquer any obstacle. From the classroom to life after LOGOS School, we foster an environment where growth is inevitable and success—however that is defined—is achievable.

With a 97% graduation rate, our students are shining examples of what hard work, resiliency, a supportive network, and hope can accomplish. Their inner strength and ability to overcome adversity sets them apart.

Yellow Keyline
Yellow Keyline

This Give STL Day, our goal is to raise $50,000 to support our one-of-a-kind therapeutic and academic programming each of our students needs for success. Your donation will help us equip students with the tools to thrive in life and shape a brighter tomorrow.

give today!